Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 projects

Delilah Renee: Girls love beyonce- girls love drake cover


Renee: read all about it emeli sande cover

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tutorial: No Sew, No Glue Bow

Things you'll need: Fabric, scissors, and a rubber band

Step 1: Cut fabric into square or rectangle. it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2: Fold all four sides, 2 sides at a time.

 To achieve the picture below pull/pinch the 2 sides on the top & the bottom. Then take a rubber band and place it in the middle, wrap it twice. Finally if you did it correctly, you can achieve this simple task.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Careers and Marriage.

Choosing a career is like finding your spouse. I say that because you have to live with the choices you make practically forever. When you get married you want to be with your soulmate. When you go into a career in order to be happy you have to be passionate about it. You wouldn't get married to someone you hated seeing, or being around. So why choose a career or a life long job where you hate going to. Getting out of bed every morning already upset that you have to be at that dreadful office, or fast food place makes no sense to me. You're building another persons dream. People like that are mainly driven by money. Money is your motivation; bills have to be paid, family has to be fed , things are wanted and I understand everyone can't be entrepreneurs. I suppose there are people who Chase their dreams & conquer them while other people are meant to help build another persons dream.
(These are just my thoughts.)

New Friends

Making friends has always been a challenge for me, mainly because I am very particular on the people i'd like to be affiliated with. I've noticed the age old scripted questions for getting to know someone has become ineffective. For example "what do you do for fun?" or the most irritating "tell me about yourself." suggestion. The answers you will receive will get you no where for the most part. When you ask someone to tell them about their self you are giving them the opportunity to lie. That's how friendships end with "you're not who you said you were.". Most people will only tell you the good characteristics of themselves or exactly how they view themselves as. The "getting to know you" questions I've decided to start asking are way deeper than the usual;  "what are you passionate about?" ,  "what makes you happy" or "what would make you feel happy or satisfied in life." . The answers to those questions will reveal more to you than "what do you do for fun" and they will help you decide if you would want them to be apart of your life or vice versa.

Honesty Hour From Alex Elle

Honesty Hour

Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing.
Half the time I’m just as confused as everyone else…
Walking in circles struggling to catch my breath.
I’m a hopeless romantic who has trouble hiding the fact that I’m extremely transparent.
You can see my truth if you look hard enough.
My heart has been broken so I try not to overwork her.
People I love have vanished and
a lot of the time I feel as if I’m standing alone.
I comfort myself with the words of my poems, I drown in my own zone.
Most nights, I don’t sleep…
I rather be underdressed than overrated.
My personality is vibrant, paired with a sharp tongue and bad temper but
I’m learning to turn my fire down and allow my soul to simmer.
I’m a cry baby and a tad bit selfish
but I’m relentlessly honest about who I’m called to be
even if the girl in the mirror isn’t who I want to see.
I walk alone on a slightly wider road because I tend to wander…
I’ve been guilty of backtracking
I’ve tripped a few times forward.
I’m blinded by what I’m looking for
and I enjoy the rain from indoors.
I don’t apologize for my feelings because they give me character and poise.
My pride keeps me quiet
I second guess my purpose often.
I could careless if my clothes match they don’t reflect my heart…
Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing.
Half the time I’m just as confused as everyone else.
-A. Elle